How it got started?

About meHi, I'm Teck Yu (also known as 'tysoh' on the net), currently based in Singapore focusing on eCommerce business lately, and at the same time as a freelance designer (on request only)

Since young, I have already developed a deep interest for art and design. However, its only in July 2003, I was introduced to web design by a school friend. And from that time onwards, I was totally hooked up to the computer. I began to do my own exploration, by reading the web, as well as books for the knowledge and resources I needed to do digital design.

I started off by doing my own experimental design such as wallpapers, websites, until one day by chance people starting to find me through the Internet, and offered me for commissioned work, and this slowly lead me into freelance. Some of the tools I have been using until today, includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver (for XHTML/CSS coding).

Through my freelance work, I have not only gained a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in designing for the websites and printed materials. But, most importantly to improve on my communication and project management skills, in order to serve the clients more effectively, and to meet tight datelines. Nevertheless, as a freelancer I am always on the look out for an interesting or challenging project to get involved in.

About the word 'tysoh' and the site

The word - 'tysoh' is actually formed from the initials of my given name - 'Teck Yu', together with my family name - 'Soh'. So when I tried to fused them together, eventually it appears as - TYSoh. And later on, I decided to use it as a signage to represent my work and myself online.

Today, act as an exclusive site for me to display my work, introduce my design services, as well as to blog about design, art, IT and anything that inspire me to share with you. There is simply no restriction, and I welcome any form of discussion and opinion from you.

Designing life - To imagine, inspire and innovate

I strongly believe that we should not restrict ourselves by the expectations given to us, instead we should look beyond it and who knows you could jump out of the box, and discover many new horizons.

Therefore, by imagining, you will open up to many inspiration and later on, who knows it might lead to innovation, this will in turn help to improve our lives, and make us better people. These 3 'i' factors have created a sense of desire inside me, wanting to explore more in life and discover new things awaiting ahead...

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